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The Hope Giant-EP


We’d love to announce that Cauzamos has begun working on their next release, The Hope Giant-EP, which is due to be out in late January or early February.  PSYCHEDELIC FUN WILL BE HAD BY ALL. or by those who enjoy that sort of thing.

please reach out if you have some interest in getting a physical copy mailed to you. sometimes something you can hold is just more fun.

much love,

the Family Band

Playing at the Middle East. Cambridge, MA.  2011.
Cauzamos, Music

Release of our First Take Away Show

After a Winter of writing and not much updating, here is the first take away show to start off a productive summer of recording and filming.  We recorded this video last Thursday in a friend’s apartment building stairwell and it came out great, hope you enjoy.  The song’s called Young Blood and it should be only the first of many more videos to come.  Be sure to spread it around!

Also, a special thanks to Nick Keating who filmed and directed the shoot. And for the location.

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Some Cool California Stories

When I was in San Francisco a few weeks ago, a friend and I spent a day just walking up and down through China Town and then North Beach. We went to City Lights and then just for fun checked out the Beat museum across the street.  And the place is small and they do what they can with whatever funding they have, but we ended up talking to the owner who was a really cool and inviting guy.

Part of what he was talking to us about was how important it is to tell the history of that era and generation because especially now, with that time even further fading away, there are hundreds of stories that people have of even just their own experiences that many have never heard before, but shed such great insight into that time.  To spread the stories of what was happening, whether it’s something socially significant or even just something you can laugh at.

So he was telling us that just a few weeks before he had been talking to John Cassady, who’s the son of Neal Cassady who was the inspiring figure behind Jack Kerouac’s raving, mad, car thief, fiend, Dean Moriarity.  John was recalling back to 1965 when he was only about fourteen or fifteen years old and he was up in his room just messing around with an old beat up acoustic guitar, playing a Grateful Dead line. And unknown to him, his father Neal must have heard him.

So the next day or week, John’s in school and is called down to the front desk for dismissal, but he wasn’t aware that he was getting taken out of school that day. And once he got to the main office, his dad was standing there saying,”Don’t you remember you have that appointment at the dentists?”… And standing there with him was Ken Kesey. And of course just to top it all off, members of the Grateful Dead were sitting in the teacher’s lounge. So I guess for an absentee father, Neal Cassady could be pretty cool sometimes.

By 1965, the on the road with Jack Kerouac days were gone and Neal Cassady ended up emerging out of the beats with the Merry Pranksters, the nomad group headed by Ken Kesey,  who would travel the nation in a neon painted bus and referee polos advocating the mind-progressing power of LSD. And it’s at these parties and things set up by the pranksters that the Grateful Dead began playing and getting to know the group very well. And the bus driver through all of this was Neal Cassady.

So that was a pretty great story to sort of cap of the day.

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Back Home

I came back from California a week ago.  Sort of missing it a bit. San Francisco could probably be my all time favorite place. But I guess I haven’t been to too many cities just yet.

But it was a great trip and got to spend some time with a friend from school. Read a bit and came back writing some music, which is a nicely positive outcome from my return home.

We drove down from the city on California 1 and went through Castroville, Monterey, and Carmel then through Big Sur, passed Bixby Canyon. On our way back from Big Sur we stopped at the bridge and took in the view for a bit before ending up in Carmel, then Monterey.

I’ll probably have a few more posts from the trip soon. In the mean time I have some pictures up in the photos tab if you’re interested in seeing some more shots of Castroville, the golden hills, and Big Sur.


In the Not So Distant Future

Haven’t updated in a while, since the last show in fact at the Slaughter House Gallery in Boston. But now a few things are coming in July…

Been writing a lot and am going to start some demo recording in the coming weeks of new material as well as talking to some people for studio work.

There are also a few possible shows coming up in July and August in Lowell and Plymouth, which I’ll be sure to post as soon as I know the details.

But for now, it’s off to California for a week.

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The Slaughter House Gallery

So that was an awesome show. It was great to be welcomed there and the different people they had on throughout the night were great, along with just being a really cool venue.

Cauzamos opened up with about six songs. Then Toby Lester, former 10 year editor of the Atlantic Monthly spoke about his new book, The Fourth Part of the World, where he detailed some key parts in a short time about a very long and crazily intriguing history surrounding the making of the first map of the world that included America in 1507.

To close out the show we were all serenaded with some dark and gothic piano tunes by Clara Berry, hailing all the way from Maine. MAINE! But she was great and I highly recommend checking out her two albums that she’s released.

But yeah, Cauzamos got a pretty good response from the crowd and it was great to play the Slaughter House and crack into the Boston Collectives. Thanks to Jacob Rosati and Lucas, really appreciated the booking.
Here’s the set list just for kicks:
1. Catching Through the Rye
2. March On, Mexico City !
3. {New Song 1}
4. Noble Sons ( a newly written song)
5. Forgotten Homes

So keep your eye out for some more Cauzamos bookings, I know there are a few coming up in the Summer.




I was in a particular wes anderson sort of mood today. I’m not saying anything original but  his soundtracks are great and could not be more perfect for his films.

So here’s Everyone by Van Morrison: